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Time Travelers roam the earth we speak. Every once in a while, they will give us hints about the future. In early March of 2020, a time traveler hinted that on March 8th, 2025 – the COVID-19 strand would mutate into ZOVID-25 and the world would experience unprecedented cannibalism and another toilet paper shortage.

The ZOVID-25 strand attacks the brain directly making human devolve into our most primitive forms. The virus can only be spread through fluid exchange. If a ZOVID-25 Zombie bites you, you will turn within 40 seconds. Once turned, you are pretty much screwed and you will have an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

Our founder, Dr. John Mengele, listened and decided that something must be done to prevent this. He knew the world could not handle another toilet paper shortage or a zombie apocalypse so he got into gear and used his research and development company, South Houston Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.), to start working on possible solutions.

S.H.I.T Labs

S.H.I.T Labs have dramatically increased our impact in the world by expanding to over one facility. Almost one vaccine has been developed since we first opened our door in 1951. Considering our success in the medical industry, we also plan to cure cancer, the common cold, aging, and allergies within 6 months. Our labs will also solve nuclear fusion, faster than light travel, and the nature of god sometime next week so we had a lot time on our hands to focus on stopping a Zombie Apocalypse.

S.H.I.T. is using its latest technological advances in research and development to monitor the mutations of COVID-19. Our prediction computers from the future are working hard on trying to find which of the strands of COVID-19 will mutate into ZOVID-25 turn people in ZOVID-25 Zombies. Our Research and Development teams are injecting the possible ZOVID-25 strands into human test subjects to turn them into ZOVID-25 Zombies so we can find a cure and prevent Zombie Apocalypse. And, lastly, our Tactical and Technology team is creating sophisticated weaponry to fight ZOVID-25 Zombies if we are unable to prevent the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

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Our Plan to Save Humanity

Our expert team of scientists and engineers have developed a detailed plan to save humanity from the oncoming zombie apocalypse. We've distilled it down to 4 phases:

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We do science
Humanity saved!

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